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Inverter Technology, Inc.About ITI - Inverter Technology, Inc.

Core Values

Inverter Technology, Inc., is committed to interpersonal relationships with our customers and providing 100% satisfaction. Our objective is to always be prepared, accountable and responsive to the needs of every client. We take pride in our knowledge of unique operations and insight when preparing a project, assessing a problem, or trouble-shooting intricate equipment.

We are equally committed to the workforce that helps achieve these goals. We strive to create and maintain a professional environment that encourages and recognizes teamwork, individual contribution, and the integrity of each person while providing an opportunity for growth.

From the moment there is an idea we continually critique our actions, sharpen our skills, improve product offerings, and keep in step with the client’s needs. Our team at ITI has developed long-term relationships with suppliers and sub-contractors who share our ethics and values. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and a lifetime of innovation and growth with our clientele.


About Inverter Technology, Inc.

With multiple locations, ITI continues to innovate and set the standard in the application of variable speed drives and motors in the commercial, healthcare, entertainment, industrial, government, and hospitality market segments. ITI offers robust variable speed drives, high quality motors, cutting edge controls, and proven strategies for fans, pumps, chillers, cooling towers, domestic water systems, garage carbon monoxide monitoring systems, water, waste water, oil, gas, and manufacturing applications.

ITI holds a leading position in the industry. Our goal is to offer user-friendly equipment of the highest quality and to have the best qualified employees to support our customers around the clock.  Education and employee health and safety are paramount to our success. ITI has implemented  safety programs that increase awareness, teach personal protection, and asses risk.    There is no compromise when it comes to the well being of our staff and yours.

State of the art instrumentation and ongoing training ensures that the technicians we send to your building are equipped and ready to perform.